5 Secrets Your Timeshare Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Welcome to “​5 Secrets Your Timeshare Doesn’t Want You To Know​“.

Timeshare Cancelled created this Meaty ​free report​ for you to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every ​timeshare owner​ faces:

  • Can you sell or rent your timeshare?
  • How long will your Maintenance fees go up?
  • Will my children be stuck with my timeshare?
  • Did the timeshare salesmen lie?
  • Is there a way out?

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We created these 5 Secrets to help timeshare owners like yourself. 

You see… The timeshare industry is bombarded with messages from fly-by-night operations who claim they can sell your timeshare to a ‘corporate buyer’ if you’ll only pay ‘closing costs’ and the timeshare companies themselves try to convince you that they want to buy your timeshare back – before informing you: “there aren’t any buyers right now” despite continuing to sell timeshare day after day.

While they’re spreading false information and stealing good people’s hard earned money dozens of my clients are consistently getting rid of their timeshares – week after week. Want to know the 5 Secrets?

Secret #1​: Renting or Selling Your Timeshare is near IMPOSSIBLE

This is a hard pill to swallow as many of our clients owe a lot of money on their timeshare AND many others receive dozens of phone calls from boiler-room ‘resale’ companies. The hard fact of the matter is that the only way to effectively sell timeshare is by bribing people to show up to a 90+ minute sales pitch. (think about it: they bribed you to show up didn’t they?)

The timeshare companies are well-oiled sales MACHINES. And even they don’t sell every person who walks through the door. And those timeshare resale companies are flat out scams. There was actually an article in the AARP about these scams. You can google “timeshare bandits AARP” if you’d like to read it.

Secret #2​: Your Maintenance Fees Will Rise for Eternity

According to America’s Resort Development Association – timeshare maintenance fees rise by an average of 8% per year.

That ‘small’ $500 per year payment will balloon into a much bigger $1,000 per year payment in only 8 years and it will skyrocket to a massive $2,000 per year payment in 18..

Don’t forget: this is the same timeshare you are paying $500 per year for right now. You will pay more the longer you own. You might think this won’t matter because 18 years is a long time from now… but it will.


Because of Secret #3…

Secret #3: ​Your Children WILL Receive Your Timeshare When You Pass

Three words: “Contract in Perpetuity.”

Most people have to use google to learn what those three words mean. In fact – they use these words because they don’t want you to know what they mean.

Because if you did know – you wouldn’t have signed the bottom line.

“In perpetuity” simply means “forever”. This means your children are stuck with your timeshare after you pass. Timeshare has infected your family tree – and will remain there forever…

…unless you learn how to get rid of it.

Secret #4:​ The Timeshare Salesman LIED To You

He started lying when he told you it would only take 90 minutes and he didn’t really stop lying until you had signed the dotted line. You may have heard him say things like:

“You’ll be able to go to any location you want!”

“You will want to pass this to your children.”

“Your fees won’t go up.”

“You own your house – you should own your vacation!”

All LIES!!!

NORMALLY this is a bad thing BUT, it actually may be a good thing. And before you call me crazy – hear me out:

Secret #5​ You CAN get out of your contract

IF the timeshare salesman lied to you – it may mean that your timeshare contract could be voided… …if you have the right company in your corner.

You could try to prove that your contract should be voided yourself… but the timeshare company is notorious for belittling and neglecting their owners.

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